Is physical activity a MUST in order to lose weight?

There is an abundance of scientific research to substantiate the importance of physical activity in the achievement of dynamic health and in the prevention of a variety of diseases such as high blood pressure, adult on-set diabetes, obesity, coronary heart disease, low back pain and osteoporosis. Therefore, health-related goals should include achieving appropriate levels of aerobic fitness, body fat (as against total body weight), muscular strength and endurance, and an appreciation of the functions and advantages of a strong and flexible CORE* group of muscles and how to make the maximum use of them in your everyday life.

*The CORE: In simple terms, the major muscles which are included in what is now more & more commonly referred to as the CORE, are the abdominal muscles, lower spine muscles, the diaphragm and the gluteus muscles.

The core is recognized as the essential ingredient to put the body into motion, and is especially important in sport so as to obtain the most full-body functional movement, good posture, balance and power. In all, the human anatomy is built to take force upon the bones and through various joints. The core muscles, together with the hamstrings and quadriceps, protect and cushion the joints against any impact.