Should I start a walking program to help lose weight?

The interesting and even disturbing advice often given to obese people is “Start Walking!” We have a problem with this advice because in most cases the obese person lacks quality of muscle and connective tissues to protect the hip joints, knees and the ankles from the jarring that walking creates on those joints. The advantage in starting to walk a few times a week seems to be a positive mental plus. The person who overeats tend to be more restrained, possibly by a message from the brain telling him that he should take advantage of the positive aspects of walking and it would be a real pity – and harmful - to continue gorging themselves, which would kill or hamper the good intentions and the energy burn provided by the walking.

So what is the solution?

Take a quick trip to any or all of the three links below:

Mastication / Chewing – link on the Digestive System
Water - link
Stretching – link.