What are some of the issues that occur if I carry too much Fat?

Let us first try to analyze only a few points of logic concerning the affect of carrying EXCESS FAT:

Energy levels drop for obvious reasons – you are carrying excess baggage;
Your Posture takes on a different shape – rounded/stooped shoulders protruding abdominal area, inward curvature (lordosis) of the lumber spine;
Pressure on the “weakest “ segment of the spine – Lumber vertebrae L3 – L4 – located approximately slightly below the belt line;
Probable aches and pains in the lower back, knees and even the ankles;
Headaches due to postural changes;
General reduction in muscle tissue against an increase in body fat;
Not consuming sufficient WATER which is such a critical nutrient that affects every aspect of the body’s functions;
The chances are that you eat too quickly and do not chew / masticate your food as required in order to have a healthy digestive system;
You have most probably been on numerous diets, some of which caused you to lose weight, which slowly returned over time to leave you with more FAT than before;
You have trouble being active with the kids or grandchildren;
You are frustrated because you have not been able to take control of your body as you would like to have done;
And we could go on & on.